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Cars with the Least Recalls

One word any car owner hates to hear is "recall." Usually that means taking your vehicle in for some type of service to fix the problem, which can be a hassle.

And there certainly seems to have been quite a few recalls issued over the last few years. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2013 almost 22 million vehicles were recalled.

So which are the vehicle manufacturers with the largest and smallest recall rates? Forbes recently issued a list detailing just that. The list puts manufacturers in order from the least amount of recalls to the most, going all the way back to the 80s.

The manufacturer with the highest amount of recalls is the Hyundai Motor Company, with 1.15 vehicles being recalled for every model sold since 1986. And the least recalled is Mercedes-Benz with only an average of 0.41 vehicles recalled per vehicles sold.

RankManufacturerRecalledSoldRecall Rate
1Mercedes-Benz USA2.1 million5.2 million0.41
2Mazda Motor Corp.5.2 million9.4 million0.55
3General Motors99.3 million153.2 million0.65
4Nissan North America19.1 million26.8 million0.71
5Subaru of America4.3 million6 million0.73
6Kia Motors3.7 million4.9 million 0.77
7Toyota Motor Corp.38.6 million48.1 million0.80
8BWM of North America5.1 million5.7 million0.90
9Ford Motor Co.97 million104.7 million0.93
10American Honda Motor Co.31.1 million32.9 million0.94
11Chrysler Group63.2 million63.2 million1.00
12Volvo Cars of North America3.3 million3.1 million1.05
13Volkswagen of America10.2 million9.7 million1.06
14Mitsubishi Motors North America5.3 million4.8 million1.09
15Hyundai Motor Co.9.9 million8.7 million1.15

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