8 Great Deals on SUVs Right Now

Believe it or not, the summer is coming to a close, and that means school is just around the corner. With the return of school comes shuttling kids and their gear back and forth from sporting practices, ballet class, music recitals, and all sorts of other activities.

If you're in need of a new family vehicle that will fit not only the entire family, but all the equipment their various activities require, you may be in need of an SUV. If that's the case, lucky for you there's lots of great deals going on right now on roomy SUVs, with potential savings as high as 13.9%. TrueCar has the full details on these hot deals, which include the likes of the 2014 Ford Expedition, 2014 Dodge Durango, 2014 GMC Acadia, and 2014 Nissan Armada.

Remember these savings will not last forever -- shop now for the best selection and make sure to contact your local dealership for expiration dates and the full details. And for even greater savings, make sure to use TrueCar No Haggle, CarsDirect and NADAGuides for the best deals on these vehicles in your area.

VehicleMonthly Payment*MSRPMarket Avg.% Savings$ SavingsCombined MPG
2014 GMC Acadia$469$35,410$32,6317.9%$2,77920.2
2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350$509$38,405$35,4257.8%$2,98022.3
2014 Dodge Durango$553$41,990$38,4408.5%$3,55021.3
2014 Ford Expedition$570$46,070$39,66413.9%$6,40615.3
2014 Nissan Armada$690$50,955$48,0065.8%$2,94915.7
2014 Cadillac Escalade$823$64,740$57,23411.6%$7,50615.9
2014 Toyota Land Cruiser$1,069$80,600$74,3607.7%$6,24015.3
2014 Chevrolet TraverseN/A$36,885$33,5019.2%$3,38419.2
*Calculated with 20% down for 60 months at 3% APR

My Recommendation for Car Shoppers

TrueCar No-Haggle, CarsDirect, and NADAGuides are the quickest way to see the lowest car prices in your area. These sites show you no-haggle prices from dealers closest to you - and the deals are usually really good. This should be the first step you take when negotiating your car price. Follow this up with my checklist to make sure you squeeze out every last bit of savings.
- Gregg Fidan

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