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15 Worry-Free Vehicles You Should Consider

When buying a new car, you don't want to have to worry about potential headaches down the road. There's nothing worse than a car you can't rely on.

Cars.com is trying to help take all the apprehension out of purchasing a new car, and recently released their 2014 Worry-Free Index -- a listing of 15 cars that you can purchase with peace of mind. These cars have all been rated based on their reliability, warranty, and five year estimated maintenance costs -- all things that purchases worry about the most.

According to the list, Lexus seems to be the way to go as the car manufacturer dominated the top three spots on the list. Number one is the 2014 Lexus RX 450h with a score of 385.7 points out of a maximum 425 points, followed by the 2014 Lexus ES 350 with 382 points and 2014 Lexus R 350 with 375.4 points. Also on the top 15 list is the 2014.5 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2014 GMC Yukon, and 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe.

If you're considering any of these worry-free vehicles, make sure to use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to see the best prices in your local area.

12014 Lexus RX 450h385.7
22014 Lexus ES 350 382.0
32014 Lexus RX 350375.4
42014 Acura TL367.3
52014.5 Toyota Camry Hybrid350.3
62014 Toyota Avalon344.7
72014 Toyota Tundra330.4
82014 GMC Yukon324.1
92014 Toyota Sienna320.5
102014 Honda Ridgeline320.4
112014 Chevrolet Tahoe316.8
122014.5 Toyota Camry316.6
132014 Lexus LS 460313
142014 Toyota Sequoia302
152014 Honda Civic294.2

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