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Top 20 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Although prices at the pump are falling right now in most parts of the country, the sad truth is that those prices will soon rebound back up. Fuel efficiency is still a very important factor when it comes to buying or leasing a new car, and in some cases may even be the most important feature for some buyers.

Forbes understands this and recently unveiled their list of the 20 vehicles with the best fuel economy, compiled with help from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Tops on the list is BMW i3 with a 137/111 e-mpg city/highway, followed by the Chevrolet Spark EV with and Volkswagen e-Golf with 128/109 and 126/105 e-mpg city/highway, respectively. The full list of 20 is below.

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RankVehicleCity/Highway Fuel EconomyMSRP
1BMW i3137/111 e-mpg$41,350
2Chevrolet Spark EV128/109 e-mpg$26,820
3Volkswagen e-Golf126/105 e-mpg$35,445
4Fiat 500e122/108 e-mpg$31,800
5Nissan Leaf126/101 e-mpg$29,010
6Mitsubishi iMiEV126/99 e-mpg$22,995
7Smart ForTwo Electric Drive122/93 e-mpg$25,000
8Kia Soul EV125/92 e-mpg$33,700
9Ford Focus Electric110/99 e-mpg$29,170
10Tesla Model S88/90-94/97 e-mpg$69,900
11Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive85/83 e-mpg$41,450
12Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid115 e-mpg/46 mpg combined$39,780
13Chevrolet Volt98 e-mpg/37 mpg combined$34,345
14Toyota Prius Plug-In95 e-mpg/50 mpg combined$29,900
15Ford C-Max Energi88 e-mpg/38 mpg combined$31,635
16Ford Fusion Energi88 e-mpg/38 mpg combined$34,700
17Cadillac ELR82 e-mpg/33 mpg combined$75,000
18BMW i876 e-mpg/28 mpg combined$135,700
19Toyota Prius c53/46 mpg$19,080
20Toyota Prius51/48 mpg$24,200

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