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Most Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrid Cars

When you're thinking about fuel efficiency, hybrid or electric cars generally come to mind. However, hybrid vehicles are not everyone's cup of tea, plus they're more expensive than their gas counterparts. The good news is there are non-hybrid vehicle options out there that still offer great fuel efficiency.

Forbes recently released a list of 15 non-hybrid vehicles that offer not only wallet-friendly purchase prices, but can also save you money at the pump with fuel efficiencies of at least 40 mpg or better. At the top of the list if the Mitsubishi Mirage with a 37/44 mpg. Other vehicles on the list include the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Cruze, and Dodge Dart.

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RankVehicleMPGMSRP As Rated
1Mitsubishi Mirage37/44$14,095
2Ford Fiesta31/43$16,580
3Toyota Corolla30/42$18,915
4Mini Cooper Hardtop30/42$20,700
5Chevrolet Cruze28/42$20,995
6Honda Fit33/41$16,450
7Honda Civic31/41$20,040
8Mazda Mazda330/41$17,995
9Dodge Dart28/41$19,995
10Nissan Versa31/40$13,490
11Nissan Versa Note31/40$15,430
12Fiat 50031/40$16,645
13Nissan Sentra30/40$17,240
14Chevrolet Sonic29/40$16,585
15Mazda Mazda628/40$29,895

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