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The Best Lease Deal I've Ever Seen

How would you like to lease a $32,000 car, and instead of it costing you, it would actually earn you a few extra bucks each month? As crazy as this sounds, it's actually possible if your daily commute is more than 50 miles each day.

The lease deal that makes this all possible is due to a combination of manufacturer incentives, Federal tax credits, State tax rebates, and fuel-cost savings. The car that brings it all together is the 2015 Fiat 500E (electric).

I was first alerted about this deal through GreenCarReports, where a contributor shared the deal he secured as part of a group purchase. His monthly lease payment after all discounts and rebates came to only $82.75 per month with $1,000 down (after taxes and all fees). His deal included a special $2,100 rebate that was offered temporarily by FIAT - which unfortunately is not available anymore - but you can still get a $1,000 rebate if you currently lease a non-FIAT vehicle. All in all, about 100 people were able to take advantage of this incredible deal.

Even though the special $2,100 bonus rebate is not available anymore, the lease deal is still great and would come out to be $141 per month with $1,000 down (or $0 down if you qualify for the conquest rebate). Here's the catch though: this deal is only available in California and Oregon.

OK, so now you may be wondering how you can make money on this deal when there is a $141 monthly payment. It all comes down to fuel savings. The FIAT 500e, since it's electric, gets an estimated 120 miles per gallon. Assuming you currently drive a car that gets 20 mpg, and your daily commute is 60 miles or more, you will be saving enough gas to where you will be EARNING $10 per month for switching cars (that's after all of your lease costs are factored in).

Someone even made an excel spreadsheet where you can fill in all the numbers to see what your particular savings will be. You can download it here - thanks to user "The Perfect Line" for the spreadsheet.

If you'd like to take advantage of this deal, use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to get quotes from local FIAT dealers and see if they can match these prices. (note that the prices you see on these sites will not reflect the federal and state tax rebates).

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