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The Best Deals on Midsize Cars

One of the big problems when it comes to shopping for a new car is that you can't really compare vehicles based solely off of MSRP. That's because some cars have way more flexibility on price, due to hidden incentives and price structures.

This week, with the help of TrueCar's pricing data, I compiled a list to help you compare the real average prices you can expect to pay for midsize cars. The differences between MSRP and what you can actually buy these vehicles for is somewhat shocking. They range from $1,519 up to nearly $7,000 discounts off MSRP.

When it comes to midsize cars, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata has the lowest average selling price of $20,765, or $6,230 off MSRP. Check out the full list below, and be sure to use TrueCar No Haggle to see what the prices are in your local area (they may be better or worse than the list below since these averages are nationwide).

YearMakeModelAvg MSRPAvg Sales PriceAvg DiscountAvg % Discount
2015HyundaiSonata $26,995 $20,765 $6,230 23%
2015NissanAltima $26,450 $21,135 $5,315 20%
2015ToyotaPrius $27,091 $21,465 $5,626 21%
2015KiaOptima $26,533 $21,577 $4,956 19%
2015ChevroletMalibu $25,765 $21,743 $4,022 16%
2015VolkswagenPassat $26,596 $21,928 $4,668 18%
2016ToyotaCamry $26,440 $22,180 $4,260 16%
2015HyundaiSonata Hybrid $29,175 $22,572 $6,603 23%
2015Chrysler200 $29,519 $22,601 $6,918 23%
2015HondaAccord Sedan $26,660 $23,754 $2,906 11%
2015KiaOptima Hybrid $30,267 $24,238 $6,029 20%
2016FordFusion $28,264 $24,498 $3,766 13%
2016MazdaMAZDA6 $27,193 $25,674 $1,519 6%
2015HondaAccord Coupe $28,610 $25,835 $2,775 10%
2016SubaruLegacy $28,066 $26,399 $1,667 6%
2015ToyotaCamry Hybrid $30,513 $27,100 $3,412 11%
2015HondaAccord Hybrid $32,934 $30,238 $2,695 8%

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