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Taking Advantage of Uber Incentives

Last month, I helped one of my readers negotiate the price of their new vehicle (a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport). One of the dealers I was talking to mentioned that Hyundai was offering a $1,000 bonus cash for Uber drivers. I've had lots of conversations with Uber drivers in the past, and know how easy it is to become an Uber driver, so I told the reader to sign up as an Uber driver and see if we can get the discount.

Surprisingly, it worked! The reader was able to get an additional $1,000 off their vehicle simply by signing up as an Uber driver a few days before purchase. Here is the Uber signup form. As far as we can tell, you don't actually have to drive any Uber customers to qualify, just simply be approved to drive.

Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Hyundai all offer Uber discounts, which can be used along with any other incentives you may qualify for. Kia has the most generous incentive, up to $2,000 on some models.

As always, if you're shopping for a new car right now, I recommend you use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to quickly see what kind of deals are being offered in your area.

P.S. - If you plan to buy a new car this month and are interested in having me negotiate the price (for free), email me with the exact model you want and your zip code. I'm going to pick one or two readers each month to personally negotiate their vehicle (this is to help me improve my negotiation methods and stay on top of the latest dealer tactics)

Current Uber Incentives

BrandUber IncentiveExpiration
Kia$500 to $2,000 on most models7/5/16
Toyota$750 on most models7/5/16
Volkswagen$500 below invoice on most models1/5/17
Hyundai$1,000 on all models1/2/17

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