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New Cars With Biggest Price Drops

The table below aims to show you which vehicles are "ripe for the picking", meaning now is a great time to purchase due to various market conditions.

I've been analyzing TrueCar's pricing data for the past year, and can now pinpoint which vehicles have had the biggest price drops over the past 12 months.

The important column below is "Price Drop From Peak". It shows how much you would save right now compared to shoppers who purchased the same vehicle at it's peak over the past year. For example, if you were to buy the 2017 FIAT 500L this week, you would get a discount of 19.86% more than the average buyer paid for the same vehicle at its peak over the last 12 months.

The best way to use the chart below is to see if any vehicle you're interested in is on the list. If so, then now is generally a good time to buy that vehicle. Each vehicle on this list is either near or at its 12-month "peak deal".

Use TrueCar to quickly see which dealers can match these prices in your local area.

50 Cars Ripe for the Picking

RankVehicle Current Avg Selling PriceSavings off MSRPPrice Drop From Peak
12017 FIAT 500L$19,570.00$4,965.0019.86%
22017 Kia Optima Hybrid$23,096.00$7,404.0018.44%
32017 Ford Focus$20,490.00$4,566.0018.42%
42018 Volvo V60$39,535.00$4,960.0016.81%
52017 Buick Encore$22,394.00$4,934.0016.76%
62017 Jeep Renegade$19,539.00$5,668.0016.53%
72017 Hyundai Accent$13,238.00$3,702.0016.34%
82017 Chevrolet Trax$18,980.00$5,141.0015.90%
92016 Kia Optima Hybrid$21,783.00$8,646.0015.06%
102016 Kia Soul$13,495.00$4,667.0014.10%
112017 Chevrolet Malibu$22,906.00$5,541.0013.85%
122017 GMC Savana Passenger$30,949.00$6,009.0013.70%
132017 Ford Fiesta$15,159.00$3,563.0013.68%
142017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van$28,340.00$1,470.0013.53%
152017 Chevrolet Cruze$18,258.00$4,615.0013.44%
162017 GMC Savana Cargo Van$28,155.00$5,566.0013.03%
172017 FIAT 500X$20,645.00$4,950.0012.83%
182017 Kia Forte5$18,232.00$4,294.0012.72%
192016 Kia Forte Koup$17,492.00$5,690.0012.66%
202017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack$25,975.00$4,796.0012.53%
212017 Chevrolet Express Passenger$30,975.00$5,928.0012.28%
222017 Kia Rio$13,464.00$3,205.0012.22%
232017 Jeep Cherokee$24,103.00$6,708.0012.08%
242017 Toyota Prius c$19,372.00$3,133.0011.95%
252017 Hyundai Sonata$19,230.00$6,337.0011.59%
262017 Ford Taurus$26,435.00$7,250.0011.52%
272017 Kia Optima$21,537.00$5,074.0011.42%
282017 Volvo S90$49,212.00$6,499.0011.32%
292017 Acura ILX$26,188.00$4,663.0011.30%
302017 Mazda Mazda3 4-Door$18,014.00$3,111.0011.01%
312017 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van$27,739.00$5,664.0010.98%
322017 Nissan Titan XD$42,791.00$7,734.0010.94%
332017 Jaguar XF$49,920.00$7,171.0010.91%
342018 Hyundai Elantra$17,143.00$3,564.0010.79%
352017 Mazda Mazda3 5-Door$20,228.00$3,338.0010.69%
362017 INFINITI Q70$45,904.00$5,717.0010.46%
372017 Buick Envision$36,023.00$5,296.0010.42%
382017 Kia Rio 5-door$14,443.00$3,486.0010.35%
392017 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo$19,527.00$3,605.0010.34%
402017 Ford Fusion$23,194.00$4,785.0010.17%
412017 Ram ProMaster City Wagon$21,477.00$4,314.0010.11%
422017 Mitsubishi Lancer$17,666.00$2,823.0010.08%
432017 Maserati Levante$74,054.00$5,972.0010.04%
442017 Ford Escape$23,199.00$5,439.009.95%
452017 Volvo V60 Cross Country$40,842.00$4,582.009.94%
462017 Mazda MAZDA6$23,640.00$4,034.009.89%
472017 Ford Flex$32,027.00$5,472.009.78%
482017 Kia Soul$17,916.00$3,309.009.61%
492017 Kia Soul EV$28,113.00$7,291.009.55%
502017 Nissan JUKE$22,192.00$2,686.009.51%

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