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Safety Features Worth Buying

If you haven't shopped for a new car in a few years, you're probably going to come across some safety feature names you may not be familiar with.

Safety is a huge concern for most car shoppers, and there are some safety technologies you should consider adding as options (if they don't already come standard with the vehicle).

The safety features below have been shown to reduce accidents, or reduct the severity of accidents, and are worth considering.

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Safety FeatureWhat Does it Do
Forward Collision Warning with Automatic Emergency BrakingAlso called Automatic Emergency Braking or Forward Collision Mitigation. This safety feature detects vehicles or objects in front of your car, triggers an audio or visual warning, and if you don't respond quickly enough, will apply the brakes to avoid or lessen severity of a crash.
Adaptive HeadlightsPivots the light along with the direction of steering wheel so you can see better. Some will not only swing side to side, but also up and down when going up or down hills.
Automatic Crash NotificationDetects if you have an accident, and automatically contacts an emergency operator and gives your location for responders.
Blind-Spot WarningSound warning or flash light in the sideview mirror when another vehicle enters your car's side blind spots.
Lane Departure WarningWill signal alarm if you begin to drift out of your traffic lane.
Lane Keeping AssistTakes lane departure warning a step further by steering the vehicle back into your lane if you ignore the warning.
Pedestrian AlertDetects pedestrians in your path and sounds alarm, some will apply the brakes automatically if it calculates a collision.
Rear cross-traffic alertSounds warning if car or pedestrian enters your path as you back up.

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