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Ford Offering Up to $7,750 Cash Back

Out of all the major car manufacturers, Ford has been the most aggressive when it comes to cash back rebates. Usually, most car companies don't want to give the impression that their cars need big discounts to sell, but Ford doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

In addition to these cash rebates, it's known that Ford is also offering hidden dealer rebates on some leftover 2016 models. Check out the full list of cash rebates below, you'll see a minimum rebate and maximum rebate, - this is based on fluctuations due to region.

As always, I recommend using TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to see the exact rebates your local dealers are offering right now.

VehicleMin RebateMax Rebate
2016 Ford Taurus$4,900$7,750
2017 Ford Expedition$6,400$7,500
2016 Ford F-150$3,400$6,750
2017 Ford Fusion$1,600$6,150
2016 Ford C-MAX$3,500$6,000
2016 Ford Focus Electric$5,500$6,000
2016 Ford Focus$5,500$6,000
2017 Ford Focus$2,250$5,500
2017 Ford F-150$750$5,250
2016 Ford Edge$4,500$5,000
2017 Ford Taurus$2,850$4,850
2017 Ford Escape$2,000$4,500
2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid$3,500$4,250
2017 Ford Transit VanWagon$3,500$4,000
2017 Ford Fusion Energi$3,250$3,750
2017 Ford Edge$2,850$3,600
2017 Ford Mustang$2,000$3,500
2016 Ford Flex$3,000$3,500
2016 Ford Transit Connect$3,000$3,500
2017 Ford C-MAX$1,900$3,400
2017 Ford C-MAX Energi$2,900$3,400
2017 Ford Focus Electric$2,600$3,350
2017 Ford Flex$2,850$3,350
2016 Ford Fiesta$1,500$3,000
2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon$3,000$3,000
2017 Ford Explorer$2,000$2,800
2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid$1,900$2,650
2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid$1,600$2,600
2017 Ford Transit Connect$1,750$2,100
2017 Ford Transit Connect Commercial$1,750$2,100
2017 Ford Fiesta$700$1,500

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