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Lease Deal Comparisons for May

If you're wanting the very best lease deal, the first step is to know what constitutes a great deal in the first place. Lease deals differ considerably by make and model since each vehicle has different supply/demand dynamics. To make it easy for you, I recommend checking out the pre-negotiated lease deals available right now in California (Roadster) and New York (Carvoy).

For California Residents - Roadster.com

Roadster is a car buying service for California residents. Their lease deals page, which is updated monthly, shows their best pre-negotiated leases on popular models. Roadster calculates each of their lease deals using $3,500 as the drive-off amount (this includes down payment, first month's payment, and all fees) - INCLUDING TAXES. California sales tax is around 9%, so keep that in mind. By doing it this way, Roadster makes it super easy to compare deals.

Some sample deals this month:
VehicleMonthly PaymentDown Payment
(includes tax & all fees)
2017 Toyota Corolla LE$90.27 $3,500
2017 Hyundai Elantra$95.80 $3,500
2017 Toyota Corolla iM$128.35 $3,500
2017 Ford Focus S$138.65 $3,500
2017 Honda Civic LX$161.21 $3,500
2017 Toyota RAV4 LE$163.26 $3,500

For New York Residents - Carvoy.com

For New York and tri-state area residents, I recommend you check out Carvoy's Pre-negotiated Lease Deals page. You can select the make or model you're interested in, then browse through a selection of individual models. Carvoy breaks down each lease, including your final monthly payment with all taxes and fees included (I love this feature).

The vehicles listed on Roadster and Carvoy are usually in stock at most dealerships across the country, so you should be able to negotiate similar deals outside of California and New York on your own. Just follow my step-by-step negotiation method and you should be able to match or beat any of these deals.

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