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New Car Leasing Service in NY Area

This week, I'd like to get a couple of you to test out Carvoy.com, a new, leasing service in New York that aims to make car leasing a simple and hassle-free process - all while giving you a truly great deal. Now, there are lots of services that make similar claims, and I'm always skeptical because usually when I dig deeper, there's always some sort of catch.

Not so with Carvoy. My initial research indicates this is a legitimate and easy way to get a great lease deal - and my correspondence with the founder leads me to believe they have a long-term vision to build a great company.

But before I can truly give my full recommendation, I need real-world feedback to ensure they take care of their customers and are worth recommending. Therefore, I'm looking for a couple of "guinea pigs" willing to try out Carvoy's leasing service, and report your experience back to us.

If you live in the New York area and are willing to give this service a try (which is free for now), EMAIL ME right away! - I'll be happy to guide you along, give you feedback, and make sure you end up with a great lease deal, and if I don't think you're getting a great deal, I'll let you know (there's no obligation to lease). Most importantly, you'll be helping your fellow car shoppers by being one of the first to test out and review the service.

More About Carvoy

The main thing I like about Carvoy is the way they present their pre-negotiated deals - all of which are calculated with taxes and fees included, so you know exactly what you'll end up paying (see image below for example).

I was impressed with the deals available on their site, most of which I consider to be excellent, and which easily pass my Lease Calculation Formula (anything below 125 qaulifies as a good deal - many of Carvoy's lease deals are closer to 100, some even going below that)

Another thing I like is that their representatives were very responsive. When I went through their system to get a custom lease quote, they were available via online chat almost immedietely, and responded to my emails quickly.

I'm eager for some of my readers to try out the service and report their experience back to me. Again, if you're interested in trying this service and you live in the NY area, get in touch with me and I'll guide you through it.


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